There are two reasons to finish our woodwork. The first is to protect it and the second is to beautify it.

The first is instrumental in the choice of coatings. What will be asked of the finish? Will it be required to take the daily wear and tear of a dining table and withstand heat and liquids. Or will it be the paneling of a library that gets only a cursory touch from time to time. We can guide you through this step and provide a number of finishes to choose from.

Beautifying woodwork is where the fun begins. Do you want to mimic a specific period in history or create a sleek modern look? Will it be formal and elegant or casual and subdued? These are just a few of the questions we ask when determining what is right for you.

We can recreate any color from existing finishes or a photograph as requested. Samples are submitted for approval. This enables you to view potential colors and finishes in varying light prior to making a final selection.

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